Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tyrrells Lost Block Limestone Coast Merlot 2012

A simple wine which pitches at the audience it is aimed for. It's that mid-week lazy red you are looking for after a long day at the office.

The new label for the range is on song and I dig this one. Each label in the range of six is different and depicts the winemaker searching for the Lost Block.

There's nothing complex here, just rip the cap off and knock it over with pizza and pasta dishes.

Smooth with a spice kick to finish. A good starting point too for those who don't drink a lot of red wine.

Who: Tyrrell's Wines
What: Merlot (13.5% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: 2012
How much: $18

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Bimbadgen Estate Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2013

I enjoyed this handy Chardy.

Tropical and stone fruit with a dash of toasty nut goodness which rides the wave from start to finish.  The nutty character adds a neat depth which is what had me hooked. Some subtle spice at the finish wraps up a solid wine at the price point.

Quite enjoyable and I'd happily have a glass or two.

Who: Bimbadgen
What: Chardonnay (13% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: 2013
How much: $24

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Cooks Lot #8888 Merlot 2013

Coming from Orange in NSW, this appears to be a fruit driven wine. Some oak sits at the back allowing mulberries, plums and blueberries to take centre stage.

The attractive and engaging aromas don't flow through to the palate which is limp and chunky. There's something not right on the palate though. There's a textural element which is not too enjoyable I must admit. Grainy drying tannins to finish.

Not for me.

Who: Cooks Lot Wines
What: Merlot (13.3% alc)
Where: Orange
When: 2013
How: $20

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Tyrrells Lost Block Semillon 2013

An excellent introduction for someone keen to dip their toe into the flavoursome pond of Semillon. 

Juicy fruit and right where the wine needs to be in price and quality. It's fresh and bursting with limey citrusy goodness.

Don't drink this with food, just drink it with friends. A great find for around $18 which I suggest would probably be discounted around the traps.

Rip in!

Who: Tyrrell's Wines
What: Semillon (11.5% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: 2013
How much: $18

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Tyrrells Lost Block Heathcote Shiraz 2012

Spice and good berry characters indulge the senses with a wine which potentially could tick the boxes.

The fruit is thin without too much punch. Not a typical Heathcote Shiraz admittedly, but like all wines in this range, drinkability is the aim and I guess it achieves that.

Not a wine I would seek out but it certainly has appeal for those wanting a red wine which is not too confronting. I just need something with a bit more kick.

Who: Tyrrell's Wines
What: Shiraz (13.5% alc)
Where: Heathcote
When: 2012
How much: $18

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Bimbadgen Sparkling Blanc de Blancs 2012

Before heading for greener pastures in 2014, former Bimbadgen winemaker Sarah Crowe added a top tier sparkling to the range. This Blanc de Blanc 2012 makes its debut and it's a damn fine entry at that.

Some creamy and subtle toast with citrusy characters dominating. Possessing an excellent balance which captured my attention, there's a persistent bead of fizz leaving a long length. Yum.

A smidge more time on lees would have developed a little more depth (base wine spent one year on lees), but hey, I can see this clearing out of the cellar door quite easily.

A bloody good first up effort.

Who: Bimbadgen
What: Blanc de Blanc (13% alc)
Where: Hunter Valley
When: 2012
How much: $40

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Robert Channon Verdelho 2013

Robert Channon is Australia's most awarded Verdelho producer. A tag many would opt to stay away from perhaps as Verdelho does not seem to get too much respect out there. Credit where credit is due, he has delivered some excellent examples of this variety.

This 2013 is tropical and fresh. There's a lychee element which I like but the wine seems a little thin and lacks the drive of those vintages which came before.

A good drink but $27.50 is a big ask.

Who: Robert Channon Wines
What: Verdelho (13.5% alc)
Where: Granite Belt
When: 2013
How: $27.50

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yelland & Papps Second Take Roussanne 2013

Cloudy and confronting and I like it!!

The first release of this wine was a run away success. Hello edition two and I can only see it also being sold out again...and probably faster!

Unfiltered and unfined the wine sat in French oak (11% new) for eleven months . Only 850 bottles produced.

There's a Willie Smith's cider thing jumping from the glass. Citrus zest and white flowers too. A deliciously textured palate with excellent length, it's one of those wines you can happily sip away at.

Most certainly something different and I do love different. Rip in!!

Who: Yelland & Papps
What: Roussanne (11% alc)
Where: Barossa
When: 2013
How much: $40

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday Drinks on Radio 4BC 4 April - Blends

Blends are an interesting topic and there is so much to it. A quick chat here featuring some bargains from McLaren Vale producer d'Arenberg.

Listen in here (PCs only)

This week's bargains are both priced around $10:
d'Arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne, Marsanne

d'Arenberg The Stump Jump Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre

Friday, April 4, 2014

d'Arenberg The Stump Jump Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne, Marsanne 2013

A most unusual blend of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne and Marsanne which surprisingly works.

All four parcels were fermented separately and then blended. The percentages are unknown, and really, for good glugging juice like this,  I don't really care.

The Riesling adds a lovely freshness and citrus punch, there's acid from the Sauvignon Blanc whilst the Rousanne and Marsanne contribute some stone fruit characters and texture. Green apple acid crunch is thrown in at to finish.

For around ten bucks, this is a drop I'd certainly recommend. Have with creamy bacon pasta or chill down and throw it back on a warm afternoon.

Readily available and often priced below its RRP.

Who: d'Arenberg
What:  (13.1% alc)
Where: McLaren Vale
When: 2013
How much: $11

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